Blackfish Nootka 3-Piece Adjustable Paddle

The ideal blade shape for surfing, doing yoga or just paddling across the local lake. This blade is the best-selling classic teardrop shape. The dihedral allows for clean water entry, a stable catch phase and a clean exit. This blade is both light and durable with the unique fishskin technology (fiberglass with a highly durable top sheet). Breaks down into 3 pieces to fit into iSUP bags. Adjustable


Blade Angle: 8 degrees
Blade Surface Area: 520 cm2.
Ergo Handle, ABS rails for durability

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Cannon Boost Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle

The Boost stand up paddle has become a quick favorite with paddlers looking for a great performing paddle manufactured with durable “no worries” materials. Constructed using durable fiberglass for the shaft and a proprietary filled fiberglass nylon blade to add a new standard of strength to polymer blades. White blade for high visibility when retrieving from water. Forward contoured ergo T-handle grip. This is the paddle we use in our rental fleet. We’ve tried dozens of models from various manufacturers, and this is the best all-around paddle we’ve found!

Material: Fiberglass Shaft, Fiberglass-reinforced Nylon Blad
Length: 68″ to 80″ and 74″ to 86″
Blade Width: 8.25″
Blade Length: 18″
Blade Surface Area: 95 in²
Adjustment range: 12″
Paddle Weight: 33 oz.

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Red Paddle Co Glass & Nylon Adjustable 70-86″ 3 Piece Paddle

Light-weight, durable 3 piece travel paddle which fits inside most inflatable board bags for convenient travel.


  • 3 piece paddle
  • Usage: All round/River
  • Blade: Nylon
  • Shaft: Glass
  • Adjustment: Cam Lock
  • Adjustable range: 180 – 220 cm (70 – 86 inches)
  • Weight: 34.2 oz or 970 grams
  • Fits in Red Paddle Co travel bag
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