In Kirkland, we are in two city parks: Marina Park and Juanita Beach Park. In Marina Park, look for the pop-up tent on the grass, closest to the public docks. In Juanita Beach Park, we are located in the west building near the playground. In Seattle, we are at the Adams Street Boat Ramp, which is on Lake Washington Boulevard at Adams Street. We are north of Seward Park about 1 mile and just south of Stan Sayres Memorial Park. Look for the shed and tent near the water.

Not on our SUPs. The soft material of the deck pad is easily damaged by dog claws. You can however bring your four-legged companion along in one of our kayaks at available locations.

Although Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding in the Pacific Northwest is pursued year-round by hardcore enthusiasts, sadly, our rental season is reserved for the summer months. Our goal is to open when mother nature turns on the warm switch and remain open until the end of September. We aim for daily operation on nice weather days beginning in April at Juanita Beach. We are open on summer holidays, including Memorial Day, fourth of July and Labor Day. The Seattle location will be closed Seafair weekend as the park is a designated heliport during the hydroplane races.

Hours vary throughout the season, so please refer to each locations page for hours of operation.

If inclement weather (thunderstorm, windstorm, poor air quality from smoke, etc.) occurs, we can not operate and we will allow you to reschedule.

Reservations are highly encouraged, especially on weekends. They must be made online at least 12 hours in advance. This will ensure that we have equipment waiting for you when you arrive. We can accommodate walk-ups on a first-come/first-serve basis, but it may require a wait on sunny weekend days. Weekdays tend to have more availability. Reservations require payment in order to be confirmed. You will receive an email confirmation. Reservations can be canceled or changed up to 24 hours before the scheduled time.If using a coupon or gift certificate, they can ONLY be redeemed by making an online reservation. You cannot use your Discount Code as a walk-up.

We do have extra boards beyond what can be reserved online to accommodate walk-up customers. They’re available on a first-come/first-serve basis. On a warm, sunny weekend, we are extremely busy, and we encourage you to come early, and if necessary prepay for a later time slot. We highly recommend making a reservation in advance however. This will ensure that we have equipment ready for you at your designated time. Reservations must be made at least 12 hours in advance.

The calendar shows availability for two consecutive hours. Why won’t it take my reservation?Occasionally holes in the schedule occur due to cancelations that will only allow 1 hour bookings. Each board in our fleet has a number in the online reservation system, so the same board may not be available for both hours. There’s no way for us to force the 2 hour booking for that particular slot. If you could find another time slot of two consecutive hours that works, that would be great. It’s not a perfect reservation system, but it works 99 percent of the time! 

Please arrive early and give yourself ample time to find parking and arrive at our tent or building. As we operate out of the Public Beach Parks, parking can be a challenge on a sunny day. If you are late for a reservation, you can jump in, but your time will end when the designated session is over. We have reservations immediately following your session.

As all of us living in the Pacific Northwest are a hardy bunch, we operate on our designated days rain or shine. We consider sunny weather a bonus! Cancellations/rescheduling require at least 24 hour notice or you forfeit your payment or coupon code. We have a finite number of available slots, and a last minute cancellation does not allow time for someone else to fill the needed spot! To reschedule, please email us your confirmation number with the desired day and time.  You will receive a new confirmation via email.

If we have inclement weather (thunderstorm, windstorm, etc.) we will not operate, and we will do our best to notify you, and you will also be allowed to reschedule.

While the SUP equipment we use is extremely stable for most paddlers, those over 250 lbs. will have a more challenging time Stand Up Paddling. At Juanita Beach Park, we have single kayaks that are stable for paddlers up to 300 lbs. and tandem kayaks that can take a 500 lb. load. Our Jumbo 8 Person SUP, will handle over 1,500 lbs! Small children can ride with adults on single SUPs and kayaks, as long as the combined weights don’t exceed the suggested max.

Our reservation system is not perfect and the calendar shows our typical weekly availability. However, due to a handful of scheduling conflicts (including some City Festivals), you must choose from the drop-down menu of available days and time. If a slot is not available, we are not operating at that time. Thanks for understanding.

We have no minimum and leave this to the parents discretion. All paddlers must be able to swim and should feel comfortable both on and in the water. All paddlers are required to wear a personal flotation device (provided) and an ankle leash to keep them tethered to the board in the case of a spill. As a rule of thumb, children under 8 may be too small to adequately control the board. Small children can often sit and ride on a board with an adult, as long as the combined weight doesn’t submerge the board to a point of instability.

Children under 12 must be accompanied on the water by an adult in a kayak or stand up paddle board. Juanita Beach Park and Long Lake Beach Park are the most suitable location for families. The beach is shallow and sandy, and there is less boat traffic. All paddlers under 18 must have a parent/guardian complete the online Notice of Risk.

No. Wetsuits are discouraged as they are designed for water immersion and do not vent the core heat that you generate. Heat exhaustion would be a serious concern (this is exercise after all!). You will spend the majority (if not all) of your time out of the water. For what to wear, see the next question.

In addition to your receipt or coupon, you should bring clothing designed for water activity. A swimsuit or exercise clothing that is wicking (and can get wet) is recommended. Thin-soled water shoes or sandals with straps are okay but not necessary. They come in handy though, as we have to wade on beaches that may have gravel (Marina Park) or other sharp objects hidden in the sand. Flip-flops are not recommended while on the water.

As you will be on the water for an extended period time, and this is exercise, we recommend applying sunscreen and hydrating well before and after your excursion.

Make sure you sign the online Notice of Risk prior to arrival to expedite getting on the water

We are a concessionnaire operating within public parks. We do not have lockers, nor can we be responsible for your valuables while you are out on the water. We recommend leaving them home or in your car. Keys may be left onshore, but we are not responsible for any of your personal belongings. We do allow you to leave belongings at any of our tent locations or within our SUP Shack at Juanita Beach Park, but you do so at your own risk. Please do not bring or wear anything of high value (or electronic) which could be lost or damaged in the water. We have floating waterproof phone cases for sale at all locations. This goes for sunglasses as well – wear at your own risk of loss! Hats are okay, but remember, they could be lost as well.

Yes. Choose the location, day and time to begin. Then choose “1 Hour” or “2 Hour Rental”, followed by the total number of people. If redeeming coupons for more than one person, enter them all under the “Discount Code” field, separated by a comma and a space. A coupon code can only be used once. If some, or all, of your party is not using coupons, the balance must be paid via PayPal or credit card during the checkout process or your reservation will not be confirmed.

No. We only offer hourly rentals at all of our locations. For liability reasons, boards are only to be used from within the parks where we are authorized to conduct business. Our boards cannot be transported via vehicle to another site. There are other companies in the region that offer this service.

Yes. At our Juanita Beach Park location we can accommodate birthday parties, corporate outings, team building exercises and more. In addition to standard SUPs, we have kayaks and a new 8 person Jumbo SUP! Weekdays will generally have more availability than weekends and holidays. To inquire about special group rates you can contact us via email, or call our main office at 206-659-1787

If you are entering a Discount Code, please enter the Voucher Number, Redemption Code or Gift Certificate code as printed on your coupon (case specific). If using more than one Voucher Number for a single reservation, please enter them in the Discount Code field, separated by commas. The voucher number or redemption code is typically labeled on the coupon or possibly under the barcode.